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Dos Amigos Tamales – Deal Of the Day Review

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Plump and pungent in a small package, my newest Latin-style Deal of the Day is value a second bite.
I unearthedtamalesbyDos Amigosfrom the frozen deli case at my native Dollar Tree. You get two for a buck. Proper off the bat, not a nasty deal. The tamales are wrapped in corn husks, Mexican-style.
You should learn the high-quality print below Components on the entrance of the bundle to find if the tamales are cheese, veggie, fruit or meat stuffed. Thetamales I purchasedare made with pork.
The cooked pork is midway between floor and shredded, and also you get a very good quantity. Typically tamales are skimpy with the meat, not so right here. The pork is steeped in zesty chili pepper spices.
The spice combine is effectively balanced with a slight tongue-tingling warmth that slowly builds. The general taste is just like enchilada sauce, what one would anticipate. I used to be not disappointed.
I microwaved these suckers just like the label says. Since tamales are usually steamed, I made certain to wrap them in a moist paper towel to maintain moist throughout defrosting.It solely took a few minutes for tamales to succeed in steaming hot.

Atamalerises or falls primarily based on the corn husk-covered steamed masa. And masa will be too dry and crumbly, like consuming sawdust, at it is worst.

The floor corn masa coating didn’t dry out like I anticipated. Whereas not as moist as the most effective tamales you’ll get at a Mexican bakery or grocery, these retained a gentle texture, however there have been a few dry flaky spots. Subsequent time I might steam these tamales, as a substitute of microwaving. However total not a nasty texture.

The corn masa was not gritty and the flavour was gentle to distinction with the extreme chili spices within the pork filling. Total a pleasant stability of corn and pork flavors.

the 2 tamales are small, simply wanting 4 inches in size, however you get two fat ones for a buck, so no complaints here.

I additionally like that the ingredient checklist is brief. They appear a bit of on the oily aspect, so not a low-calorie meal. However it is a small quantity total, in a plump package.

So, on my Cheap$kate Eating Scale of 1 to 9, 9 being perfection, I give Dos Amigos tamales a tasty 6!

I can advocate my latest Deal of the Day from the Dollar Tree. Whereas they will not replace tamales you get from the neighborhood road vendor, they’re sufficient to temporally fulfill an assault of tamale-fever.

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